Thankfully, the Interiors page has finally been completed. To rein in the design madness, I’ve put together eight moodboards to help focus the interiors to a selection of themes that are combined throughout the house. The themes represent various aspects of heritage, travel and a personal philosophy. I chose to adopt this approach to create something unique that speaks of the owner. Each room represents a dominant style that stands out from the other rooms, however, there are underlining characteristics that connects the room with the remaining rooms in the house.

On the Interiors page, the eight moodboards are displayed. Click on each of the images or the tabs in the navigation bar for more details on the thought that went behind them and a list of the retailers. Please bear in mind that these are working moodboards, a visual shopping list if you like, for the enthusiastic novice.

The interior project starts at the end of November 2018, so photographs of the work in progress will document the journey. In my experience, sometimes things that work on paper, don’t always work in the space it’s designated for. It will be a challenge but one with rewards… I hope you enjoy the ride!