A few words…

Coming from a family a family riddled with doctors, it was pretty apparent that I was unofficially appointed the black sheep of the family when I decided to venture into the arts and fashion design. Ever since I can remember, I spent hours in introverted bliss drawing portraits and fashion illustrations… the sense of achievement was well worth the effort, I can tell you. Top this off with watching my mother at her sewing machine, whipping up various 80s frocks… my fate was sealed.

After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2000, I took up a numerous career opportunities around London and developed a career in commercial fashion for over 15 years. Having spent time working for a number of brands, I became proficient in Adobe Illustrator to create effective visuals for multi-product womenswear design.

It wasn’t until the passing of my husband in 2014, that the time had come to recoup and look after my two young children. It was a journey of rediscovery and harnessing the artistic roots. The result was an exercise into venturing into various creative outlets such as interior design, photography, writing as well as the fashion.

The aim of this website is to have an online blog, a portfolio of work, which will not only speak for me as a creative designer and writer but to also provide inspiration for others. On top of everything, the screenwriting naturally evolved into the comic “EYVA”. It’s thanks to the collaboration with Timothy Green II that the comic is finally coming into fruition… expected to be launched: early 2019. For more information about the EYVA comic, please feel to venture over to the sister website, eyvacomic.com


All the best,