As a creative, I’ve always had an interest in interior design. My first house, admittedly, was put together out of a need to keep to a low budget and produced at lightning speed. I realised over the years, that a house should feel like a home and each piece should be carefully selected in its own time so it has its own story. Granted, sometimes, there’s a sale on and one has to exercise their right to retail insanity. At the end of the day, it’s about having a genuine love for something whether it relates to you in some personal way or has an interesting, thought provoking  uniqueness about its design.

I took ages trying to figure out what my actual style is. I wanted a cosy mature feel but then I tripped into the realm of blandness that spoke nothing of my personality. I believe style is a reflection of one’s soul and not everyone has one particular style. I do have an eclectic personality… I love a sophisticated style, unique design, a sanctuary cosiness, yet clever functionality… I love warmth but then there needs to be a cool slickness about the way it comes across. The result was a modern, retro aesthetic with a hint of vintage seeping in.

To rein in the design madness, I’ve put together eight moodboards to help focus the interiors to a selection of themes that are combined throughout the house. The themes represent various aspects of heritage, travel and a personal philosophy. I chose to adopt this approach to create something unique that speaks of the owner. Each room represents a dominant style that stands out from the other rooms, however, there are underlining characteristics that connects the room with the remaining rooms in the house. 

The interior project starts at the end of November 2018, so photographs of the work in progress will document the journey. In my experience, sometimes things that work on paper, don’t always work in the space it’s designated for. It will be a challenge but one with rewards. For a more detailed list of where each piece comes from, please click on the image or the links on the tabs in the “Interior” menu.


The Lounge

The Hallway

The Kitchen /Diner

The Master Bedroom

The Studio

The Girl’s Room

The Boy’s Room

The Cloakroom & Bathrooms