An original screenplay by Annas Eskander


Set in a technologically advanced 23rd century, a self-loathing bioengineer, EYVA DANELL, thrives on the recognition attained through her competitive achievements. Having been brought up by an anti-technological faction group, the Reformists, Eyva struggles to cut ties with her past… Especially when the Ardents see her as the key to bringing down the rebellion and ending their debt.


Eyva moonlights as a burlesque dancer and inadvertently kills an influential Ardent senator in a bid to retrieve access to her nanotechnology research… Reaching a crossroads, she thinks back to where it all started to go wrong.


Eyva is a serialized sci-fi comic in the vein of Westworld and The Handmaid’s Tale. Inspired by the FBI’s Next Generation Identification system to counteract terrorism, Eyva portrays a stylized future where surveillance implants and social media are used as management tools for the benefit of a repressive regime. The NGI includes voice recognition, iris and retina scan data, facial recognition and DNA analysis. A fully automated system specifically designed to be integrated into the Global Surveillance Network… In the hands of a totalitarian government, what chance does the human spirit have when free will becomes non-existent?